As the pandemic subsides in Iran and with the acceleration of widespread vaccination in the country, a suitable platform has been provided for re-holding international exhibitions and once again, we will be proud and delighted to host you for the Iran Health 2022 this May by observing all health Protocols . We hereby inform you that the Iran health 2022 (23rd edition of the international exhibition of medical, pharmaceutical & laboratory equipment) will now be held on 24- 27 May 2022.

Time to opening


About Exhibition

Iran as one of the richest countries in natural sources and having a very special strategic location in Middle East, it is and plays the role of a bridge to connect from CIS north to Persian Gulf south, so much so that it has always been the focal place of business through the countries in its vicinity and also the other ones across continents.

With more than 80 million population Iran has become the pole of a developing country in the area to import and export in any sectors particularly in pharmaceutical and health coupled with value and volume. In like manner, the present challenging economic conditions of the country is combined with rapid advances in medical technology and information technology, individuals’ expectations, and the young demographic of the population will undoubtedly challenge the sustainability of past improving trends.



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